Lose the inches with laser – no needles, no pain!

By on May 27, 2015


http://www.philstar.com/fashion-and-beauty/2015/05/27/1459011/lose-inches-laser-no-needles-no-painMANILA, Philippines – From  being overweight to slim, flabby to shapely, chubby to curvy. Whether it’s for a new role, an endorsement, a shoot, a red carpet event, or even for personal reasons, celebrities can change their looks whenever they please.

They’ve done it all, tried it all. And why not? They have access to it all: the best doctors, personal chefs and trainers, nutritionists, fitness experts, and a glam team to help them throughout their career. But a resource they don’t have enough of? Time.

Celebs need the best beauty hacks they can get their hands on. The ones that are safe, effective,  and work fast. Without beauty tricks, it would be impossible for these stars to keep up with the demands of their jobs, let alone keep their faces and bodies beautiful. With all the traveling and shooting, and mostly the lack of sleep, something’s got to give.

So how do they stay gorgeous and drop dress sizes just like that? Through a basic, tried-and-tested formula: a combination of a sensible diet, targeted exercise and with laser-assisted machines.

Modern lasers can do it all: zap zits, minimize pores and wrinkles, tighten skin, and, the best part, even melt fat away. philstar.com

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