Sarah Chalmers reveals what six hours sleep a night does to your face

By on May 19, 2015 look much older than my 46 years. My eyes have dark rings underneath and my skin is lacklustre, with pores so enlarged I can see them from a distance. To top it all off, a couple of spots are beginning to develop on my chin.

Sarah Chalmers (pictured after eight hours sleep) took part in a study organised by the London-based Sleep School to find out what impact modern sleeping habits are having on our mind and bodies

Worse still: this is not an isolated incident. For days now, I’ve been forgetful, as well as clumsy and easily upset. And all because I’ve spent the week getting by on six hours sleep a night — just as thousands of other women do.

With so many of us juggling work, children and social lives, it’s perhaps no wonder that the average amount of sleep we’re getting has declined in recent years.

Where once eight or nine hours was the norm, the number of Britons getting by on five to six hours has risen dramatically to more than a third. Read more…

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