Parents spend OVER a third of pre-tax annual salary on just one child

By on May 27, 2015 shocking news comes from research figures around parents and children, and the average spend within that sector in the UK.

A whopping four per cent of women surveyed by Avon said they were “paying the price” to be working mothers because their costs were greater than their wages.

Could it be, as a nation, we’re punishing our mothers for having a career and a family with huge, great bills and no help at all?

In just one year alone nursery costs have risen by over five per cent, according to the Family and Childcare cost survey.

Scary figures state forty per cent of parents have chosen to pass up a job because it conflicted with family obligations and and one in five UK parents will reduce their working hours because of this, this year.

Parents lucky enough to have their parents around rely on the grandmas and grandpas to put in extra hours of childcare to cover the long working day.

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