Parents turn to karate to help kids with autism

By on May 27, 2015 to help learning disabilities

“He was my little peanut,” Heidi says. “I was so excited and sill am. I enjoy every moment with him.”

But Heidi says when the diagnosis came that George had autism and an anxiety disorder, that moment was difficult.

“You go through a period of feeling, you know, just not sure what is going to happen next.”

Heidi says growing up, it was difficult for George to be in group settings and hard for him to concentrate.

“We had tried basketball. We had tried baseball. It never really worked for George. We were looking for something that would be more his skill. Something he could succeed at without it being winning or losing.”

A little more than a year ago George’s family turned to karate after George told his mom he “wanted to do kung-Fu.” Heidi came across JK Martial Arts, a group that specializes in teaching kids with learning disabilities such as autism, ADD and ADHD.

“He usually does what he wants to do,” Heidi says, but George was following the sensei’s every move, and doing the lesson.

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