Sixteen tips to get the most out of your garage sale and 11 things you shouldn’t really sell

By on May 27, 2015 making sure the items you’re selling are clean to offering buy-one-get-one-free on some items to having snacks available, make the most of your yard sale, and have fun.

Garage sale, yard sale – whatever you call it where you live, tis the season for cleaning out your basements and closets for a little extra cash.

Here’s our list of the best tips and tricks we know to draw a crowd, negotiate the price you want, and land the sale. We’ve also included a list of things you’re better off not selling at a garage sale.

Dealing with cash. You’ll need to have cash on hand to give change, so go to the bank ahead of your sale to get an array of bills and quarters. If dealing with small change sounds like a headache, just make it a rule that all transactions are to be rounded to the nearest quarter. You may still collect nickels and dimes from your customers, but you won’t be stuck with an unused roll of nickels at the end.

Accept electronic payments. If your shoppers don’t have cash on hand, let them know you’ll accept a payment through Venmo or Chase QuickPay. In fact, making it clear on your signage may actually bring in more traffic. I can’t count the number of times I’ve walked by a yard sale by chance and didn’t stop in because I didn’t have any cash on me! Apps like these are a fast, easy way to pay on the spot using an app connected to your checking account. I actually used QuickPay at a flea market last month when the seller couldn’t take a credit card, and she had transfer confirmation within seconds. Living in the future is pretty awesome.

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