Why I let my husband pay me a ‘wife bonus’

By on May 27, 2015


http://www.businessinsider.com/why-i-let-my-husband-pay-me-a-wife-bonus-2015-5Flickr/ Thomas HawkIn this still fragile financial climate, some women might have chosen to hide the Chanel shopping bag from their budget-conscious better halves.

With mortgages to pay and family holidays to save up for, it’s still not quite the done thing to blow half your bonus on something as frivolous as a pair of shoes (in this case a seductively glistening pair of Chanel ballet pumps in a classic French navy that I’d coveted for months), even if the bonus is something you have worked your socks off for.

But, instead of surreptitiously stuffing the shoes in the back of the wardrobe, I proudly displayed the results of my splurge to my husband, safe in the knowledge he’d definitely approve. After all, he’s the one who decided how much my bonus should be, and he’s the one who paid it. This year, as for almost all of the five years we’ve been married, I’m the grateful recipient of a “wifely bonus” – and proud of it.

I’m part of a tribe of women uncovered by social researcher Wednesday Martin in her book “ Primates of Park Avenue ” (about well-to-do mothers in Manhattan), and discussed by Celia Walden in the Telegraph earlier this week, who, while not going out to work in an office or for a company, still receive a bonus from their husband at the end of the financial year as a sign of appreciation for services rendered.

But while the Park Avenue Primates under discussion have been pilloried for supposedly receiving a cash reward based on how well they’ve have balanced the domestic books, enhanced their husbands’ careers by networking adeptly and aggressively, and kept them satisfied socially and sexually, I believe that receiving a bonus for being a good wife is nothing to be ashamed of. Rather than being a depressing step back for feminism, I’m proud that my husband appreciates that, at the age of 32, by staying at home with our 19-month-old daughter, I’m working just as hard as he is, and is prepared to put his money where his mouth is. businessinsider.com

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