14 Facts About Sex That Will Remind You Just How Awesome It Is for You

By on May 18, 2015


http://mic.com/articles/118250/14-facts-about-sex-that-will-remind-you-just-how-awesome-it-is-for-youIf only your doctor recommended it more.

Sex gets talked about as a guilty pleasure, that thing we do out of pure desire when we could be spending our time productively or improving ourselves. But instead of feeling guilty, it’s worth remembering: Sex is actually good for us.

That sweat you’re breaking, that feeling of relaxation afterwards, it’s all part of the complicated physical chemistry at work in our bodies when we’re fooling around.

“It’s a very complex picture,” Debby Herbenick, associate professor at Indiana University and author of The Coregasm Workout told Mic, as to how sex affects our health. But when done regularly, consensually and safely, sex can be great for our bodies and minds. Here are 14 ways sex is good for us.

Short on sick days and hoping to stave off that cold? Get thee to the bedroom. Read more…

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