Here’s What Real Healthy People Actually Eat For Lunch

By on May 17, 2015 case you’re looking for a healthy and tasty alternative to that sad desk salad.

When you eat the right kind of food at lunch, it’ll help you stay full and alert throughout the afternoon. You won’t be as tempted to snack, and you’ll feel more energized. But healthy lunch can sometimes be a little hard to plan for and figure out.

So we turned to some healthy people to see what they like to eat for lunch. Some of these folks are nutrition experts with advanced degrees and strings of letters after their names. Others are personal trainers, fitness coaches, and healthy food bloggers. Regardless, these are people who think a ton about healthy eating and how to choose food that makes you feel good.

Here’s what they shared. Some good ideas in here you might want to try yourself. Read more…

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